Friday, July 6, 2012

Nature's Down Side

A raccoon family got into our hen house last night.  We knew they were around but, other than eating some vegtables, they weren't creating a problem.  However, they have now killed two of our chickens; our only white and a lovely red.  Momma raccoon got away with the white hen but the two young were trapped in the coop.  My husband had to take care of them and then repair the window. 
We have tried to leave everything as natural as possible here in our corner of the world.  We have cleared only enough of the property to put up the house  and area for the vehcles and gardens.  The pond, wetland and the rest of the bush has been left as is.  Consequently, we do have some endangered species living here.  However, there are times like this when we have to act like human beings and show our strength. Neither of us enjoy it.
On a  happier note,  my sister arrives from England today and we will be going to see her on Wednesday.  Her family; husband, two children and their families, will all be at a cottage they've rented so it will be nice to have a get together.
Hope you all have a great weekend and are staying cool.  Four more months until winter.  Yahoo!

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