Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Age equals Tidiness?

It seems that  the weather with its heat and lack of rain has been a continual focus the past few weeks.    I really haven't felt much like working on anything other than my hand applique for a while although I have managed to get a bit done each day on a quilt that is for a gift.  Today, I am seriously thinking about getting another top in the frame as my studio is cooler today.
I have been thinking, recently, of a container for my applique supplies.  Right now they are in a couple of plastic boxes but that hasn't proven to be very efficient.  One of the ladies in our local quilt group carries all her quilting notions in a fishing tackle box.  A great idea.  I am going to look for a small one and see if it will be sufficient for the various spools of thread, needles, scissors etc.  It doesn't need to be large but the compartments have to be the right size.   Of course, once I get the right container, it will be a real help if I do keep putting everything in it.  I find that stuff tends to spread out and the more room you have, the more is spreads.  I admire people who put everything back where it belongs at the end of the day or session. 
My tendency is to wait until I no longer can find anything or the mess creates more distraction than relaxation. I do find that as I get older I  get tidier so that is a plus.
Still waiting for baby news.

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