Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Building Blues

I have been out of commision for a few days with a virus.  I am not often ill-although more frequently as I get older, so I don't deal with it well when I am.  Yesterday, I just slept and slept but woke up feeling better this morning.
I had planned on baking during this cooler spell but, of course, haven't got it done.  I did mange to throw together an apple crisp yesterday for my husband.  He has been working so hard on getting the addition to our home finished and then had the extra responsibility of looking after me. A friend brought me a much appreciated, fresh picked basket of strawberries so I added a few of them for colour.  Have to get the rest in the freezer today or they will go bad.
The addition has been frustrating as is any construction work here in the country.  I am sure that urban areas have the same problem but we find it is very slow getting approval for any plan.  My husband had taken his into the township office a number of weeks ago and hadn't heard anything.  Yesterday, he went in and found that they hadn't even been looked at as they were attached to something else and the inspector hadn't flipped the page! So now we wait again.  It is no wonder that some people just go ahead and build.  Theya re taking a chance that they will be told to take it down but, unless it is an environmental, encroachment or similiar problem, I've not known it to happen.

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