Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sometimes when I really don't have much in the way of interest to share, I wonder if it is better to skip a day or just blather on.  As you can tell, today I've chose the latter.
I have spent the morning catching up-almost, anyway, on the house work.  I have been so busy the past week or so that everything is starting to look decidedly grubby.
Yesterday morning I had a number of things to do in the village and then an appointment just before lunch.  I had a doctor's visit, a prescription to fill and a number of others things so I wasn't sure if I would get everything done in time.  I was zipping hither and thon in uncharacteristic speed for a country village.  I finished everything, got in the car to drive to my last appointment and checked the clock.  I still had 15 minutes to spare.
If I had been  living in the city, I probably would have been still sitting in the doctor's office waiting for my appointment.
So that is my blather for the day.  In six months, two weeks and five days, it will be Christmas.  Have you started making your gifts yet?

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