Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Rant

A recent news story stated that, in Canada, we pay a lot more for products than Americans.  Unfortunately, this isn't news.  What I would like to read is the 'why'.  Part of the reason, I believe, is that we don't have as big a consumer market; the same reason why Walmart can sell cheaper than your neighbourhood store.
I also believe that our wages are, as a rule, higher but I can't believe that these two factors alone account for the difference.
I try to always buy Canadian but there are times when I cannot afford to follow my own policy.
Perhaps, another part of the problem is that we Canadians don't complain enough.  Of course, we do complain but unless the right people hear you, nothing is going to change.
Consumers complain to each other, leave comments on Internet sites, and the various forms of social media but rarely does anyone send a letter to their political representative.  A protest group gathers attention but a letter writing campaign gathers action.
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