Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is That an Owl

Have you been watching the Jubilee celebrations?  I am an unapologetic monarchists so have been enjoying all the pomp.  Whether you are a royalist or not, you certainly have to admire the stamina or the Queen and Prince Phillip as they stand for hours in rain, wind, cold and conditions that would send the rest of us scurrying for our warm homes.  They are the epitome of England's much vaunted 'stiff upper lip.'
We are having a day of sunshine and warmth after nearly a week of rain.  Everything looks so green and the smell of my iris can be detected all around the property  The roses appear to be on the point of flowering but they have looked that way for a while now.  I hope they aren't going to disappoint me as they are a lovely yellow.
Last night when I took the dog for her evening walk, I heard a owl hoot a couple of times.  After the second time, I realized it wasn't an owl after all.  There is another bird that imitates it and it does a pretty good copy.  I think it is called a woodcock but I may be mistaken.
The fund raiser for my sister- in -laws medical expenses went very well with a fantastic amount of money being raised.  The two quilts I donated each were bought for more than I hoped which was gratifying. People are good and very generous to those in need.
I have started hand quilting a baby blanket.  It is just a panel but will be good for some practice as
haven't used anything but a machine for quilting in a long time.  I have another quilt that is ready for the binding and, still another, that needs to be put on the frame for quilting.  There is always something to do.

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