Friday, June 15, 2012

Quilt as You Go Pattern.

Here is the next step for the quilt pattern.  Enjoy. 

Quilt as You Go Scrappy

Sewing the Rows to the Background.

Cut sashing pieces to the length of rows.

  Measure 3 inches from the top center of the backing and mark this point.  Repeat halfway between center and right edge and then the left edge.  Lightly draw a line connecting the marks.  Figure 2

Figure 2

Mark a line 3 inches from both the right and left edges.  Figure 2

Place the first row right side up on the backing fabric (wrong sides together) so the top of the row meets the line and the ends are touching the right and left lines.  Pin in a few places to hold the row in place.

Place first sashing section on the bottom of the row, right sides together and sew through all layers.

Open and press.  Top stitch the row you have just added.  I did a zigzag pattern following in the ditch of one block and then onto the next until the end. See quilt photo.

Place next row, rights sides together, on top of previous row, lining bottom edge with bottom edge of sashing, pin and sew through all layers.

Repeat for remaining rows. 

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