Thursday, June 14, 2012


Some people seem to have all the luck.  We have had a bit of an ant problem since we moved here.  They appear to originate somewhere outside my quilt room so I have traps set on the window sill and another tucked in behind the computer.  These traps are the round tins that capture and kill the ants which isn't much of a deterrent to the others unless they start figuring out why all their friends aren't coming home.  However, it does stop the insects from crawling up my arm when I am trying to be creative.
A friend e mailed me this morning to let me know she has another solution.  A bear has been upturning her planters in an effort to reach the ants who are living beneath them.
Now why didn't I think of that!  The situation isn't funny for her, of course, although I do find it a rather odd scene picturing a massive bear feverishly hunting teeny, tiny ants for his meal!
I woke up quite early this morning and, being awake, decided to get up and go for my run.  Wee Heidi must have wondered why I was dragging her outdoors at 6.30 when all sensible people were still in bed but she joined me anyway. We trotted down the driveway and on our return, let the chickens out of their house.  They, too, must have wondered what was going on but out they popped and started pecking at the food I scattered.
It is lovely that time of morning with the sun just starting to warm the air and the birds flitting arund seeking their breakfast.  Don't think I will make a habit of rising that early though.

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