Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot and Green

Despite the heat, I have got quite a lot of work done today.  None of it relates to quilting other than sewing some binding but there were things that needed to get finished.
I still have to plant the rose bush I bought yesterday but I will wait until this evening when it cools down a bit or first thing tomorrow.  I need to buy some feed as well as they are heavy eaters.
Our Bridge
With all the heat and heavy rains, it is starting to look quite overgown here.  I took this photo for a magazine article and was amazed at how much everything has grown up around the trail that leads to the pond and the back of the property.
Our bird feeders have been rather quiet this week as the little ones are staying in the bush where it is cooler.  I've seen just a couple of finches and a hummingbird taking advantage of the free food.  A blackbird has been trying to figure out how to get the niger seeds from one of the feeders.  As it is specially designed for certain types of birds, he hasn't been very successful.
Happy first day of summer!

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