Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yahoo Groups

I have mentioned in previous posts that I belong to a number of Yahoo groups and how much I enjoy them.  I recently joined two more.  Both are quilt related, of course.  One is for hand applique and the other focus' on  quilt pattern designers.
The write up on the design group said that the occupation was a lonely one and one of her goals was to give the designers a place to share.  Isolation is a part of nearly all artistic endeavours, I believe.  If you think of writers, painters, wood carvers, sculptures etc. , they all work by themselves in a studio. The fact is that you really can't do these things while carrying on a conversation.  It is possible that you could work in a group of like minded individuals but I don't think you would accomplish as much as you would if you were on your own.
When I am at my quilt group, a lot of the time is spent looking at others work, receiving or giving help and visiting.  The latter is why we all enjoy our Mondays.  There are only a couple of us who spend most of the day in our studios but we all look forward to getting together and sharing our passion.  If we miss a week, it feels as though we have been away for ages.
On line groups are especially important for those who live in rural areas.  They are a means of sharing problems and triumphs; a way of reaching out and connecting.  They will never replace actual face to face interaction but they are a pleasant extension.
It is a lot cooler today so I am making bread.  I have just taken Heidi for a walk and now will get to the sewing machine to finish a table runner top.

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