Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Hot for Man or Beast

Bathing Beauty
This heat has been hard on everyone here in the backwoods.  There are only a few birds around as it is cooler for them in the bush. Even the squirrels seem lethargic.
Little Heidi is still her frisky self but you can tell she is hot.  I decided a nice bath and hair trim would help.  My husband filled the tote with water and we let the sun warm it up for a couple of days-our well water is really cold.
She isn't a big fan of baths or water in general but, as you can see in the photo she puts up with it.  I guess she feels it is better than going into the shower and having all the water pour down on her.
I finished the patterns for Sisters Qilting Expo on Friday.  She has a booth at a mall on Wednesday where she will be selling kits and other items.  She should do quite well as there aren't any other quilt stores for miles..  This is a real test for both of us to see if our respective businesses-her store, my pattern designs, will be successful.
I finished top stitching a small wall hanging last night.  I did it in an all over ivy leaves pattern.  I'll take a photo of the back later and post it tomorrow.

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