Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Stuff

I have just had a couple more freebie's put onto my web page.  There is a simple pattern for a tote bag as well as a tutorial.  Please check them out and let me know what you think.
We have been having wonderful growing weather with lots of sun interspersed with rain.  This photo shows my husbands 'three sisters' crop.  It consists of beans, squash and corn all planted together in a mound.  This was a method used by the Inca's and it does seem to work. the wild blueberries are already plentiful and it looks as thought the raspberries are going to do well.
We were able to cut, what is now our lawn, for the first time this weekend.  We were given a lawnmower and husband cut down some of the clover in the front yard area.  How nice to look out the window and be able to see the vegtable planter!
We had another reminder this week that we are living in a rural area.  The township is redoing the road that goes into the village and so we have to detour.  In a city, this would mean a few blocks out of your way.  Here it is about 10 miles. However, it is a scenic ten miles so it isn't as bad as fighting through traffic and having nothing to look at but more vehicles.

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