Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Lovely Day in Paradise

It is, once again, another gorgeous day here in the backwoods.  This morning I went outside and removed some shrubs so I could plant my weigela (really must find out how to spell that). It is in a a smallish area of soil surrounded by a huge rock that looks as though we have a stone floor.  Which, in a sense we do as this whole area is part of the Cambrian shield so rock is more common than dirt.
This particular spot is where we have a couple of chairs and it is a nice cool place to sit and overlook the lower front part of the property.
The shrub is supposed to grow to five feet so it will add a nice bit of colour to the area as well as food for the butterflies and hummingbirds.
We went out to pick blueberries after supper.  They are nice and plump this year and we got enough to add to our breakfast cereal for a few days.
My husband is outside chopping wood while it is still cool and later we are going out to visit a friend. I have a few more patterns to write up so must get at those.

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