Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh, The Heat

A weather advisory warning just popped up on my screen and when I checked it, it was for the heat.  It is 27o feels like 38 with the humidity and it isn't 10 a.m. yet.  On the bright side, I don't have to go out, I'm not working and we have an air conditioner.
After I finish this, I am going to get a book, lay down near a fan and read.
I have started working through a paper pieced pattern for a Christmas table runner.  It will be on my blog but I will show you what it looks like when I have the top pieced.
I don't know how the sale went yesterday but am hoping my friend at Sisters Quilting Expo sold lots of fabric, patterns and kits.  There is so much work in preparing for something like that and there is always a risk that nothing will sell.  She will be there for a few weeks so I am sure as soon as people get to know her she will do well.
And that, my friends, is it for today.  Stay cool.  Stay safe.

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