Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home on the Rock

Our Peaceful Home
This photo is looking west from our back driveway.  Doesn't it look peaceful?  These are the chairs were my husband loves to sit with our wee dog.  Together the two of them look out over the property and chat.  Well, my husband chats and Heidi listens.
Whenever I have been to town and I turn into our driveway, I am sure my blood pressure drops a few nothches.
I had to go to Huntsville today to pick up a couple of things and it just seemed to be an irritating day. The cashier put my eggs in the cooler bag first and put the bags of milk, fruit etc on top.  I had to unload and redo. 
Then when I was parked on the main street, someone left their car with the front end in my space a few inches from my rear bumper.  Fortunately, I had stayed back a bit (driving instructor habit) so I was able to manouver my way out but it left me wondering why people are not more aware of what they are doing.
I am now back in my sanctuary, enjoying a cup of tea, listening to some wonderful music and ready to get back to work.
When I lived in the city and I had that type of shopping experience, it could leave me feeling fussy for the rest of the day.  Thankfully, that is no longer the case.  Age and having a peaceful place to live has taken care of that.
I hope you also have somewhere to get away from all the stresses of this world.  It is necessary for good health.

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