Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Gadget

My sister has returned to England.  We had a nice visit while she was here including a shopping trip.  We, naturally, went to a quilt store.  Helen bought some fabric and a few other odds and ends.  I got the add a quarter ruler. 
This little gadget is great for paper piecing. I previously used a 12 X 1 inch ruler for trimming the excess fabric but it sometime slipped.  The Add a Quarter ruler has a lip or ledge that butts up against the folded paper edge which prevents it from moving around.
Quilt stores are full of notions that you can buy to enhance your quilting experience.  Most of them are, in my opinion, not necessary.  However, I have a few tools that I use continually.  I have a 12 inch square mat that rotates, numerous seam rippers and thread cutters, Olfa ruler in various sizes with the 12 X 6 and 12 X 12 being my favourite.  I prefer Olfa as I find I can see the fabric easier.  I also really like my new True Cut ruler for the same reason. I have a few purpose specific rulers such as my well used Square in a Square. In addition to my large rotary cutters, I also have a couple of smaller ones which are great for little trimming jobs.
My large rotary mat sits on the cutting desk which was specially made for my height.  It makes cutting a pleasure.  I also had the drawers made to specific depths so they hold patterns, WIP, UFO's as well as other necessities.
These are just a few of my favourite things.  I have a room full of others and a wish list that would probably fill another room.  I am sure you have your 'can't do without' tools as well. The days are well past which a quilter practised her craft with a few needles, some thread and a pair of scissors.
I mentioned previously that I am starting to put tutorials on my web page.  I am going to be adding another later today.

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