Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Tutorial

I have sent another tutorial off to my webmaster.  It should be on my web site this weekend.  She is up to her neck in busyness as she tries to get her fabric ready for sale, complete a quilt order and be a Mom and wife.  I am sure many of you can identify with the problem if not the details.
This tutorial is for joined triangles.  I have called it/them Half Triangle Triangles.  The method shows you how to make the block without sewing any bias edges.  Hope you find it helpful.
If there is something you would like to see in a tutorial, please let me know.  I can often find an easier way of doing something.
I spent some time pulling weeds from one of the gardens this morning.  This is our rock garden although it could just as easily be called a wildflower garden as that is what it contains.  We made the mistake of throwing clover seeds in amongst the plants and now it is taking over.  I have been pulling them out but not sure how much progress I have made.
I can't believe that it is Friday again.  And, here we are in the middle of July already. Time never passed by this quickly when I was working.
Have a great weekend.

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