Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grunt Work

Ivy Leaves
I took the old track off my machine frame this morning and installed new ones.  Didn't that sound easy.  It wasn't.  The one track came out without a lot of work but the other side had to be gently hammered along the track before it could be slid the rest of the way.  I say 'gently' because any nicks  on the track bad could result in a wiggle when quilting.
I thought the new tracks would just slide in place but, nope, they had to be gently tapped into place.  A thick cloth over the track helped.
Then I replaced the end of the frame, put the machine and carriage back in place and presto, I'm finished. Only took me two hours!
It will be worth it though as the old tracks each had a crack and everytime the machine carriage got to that place it needed a tug which, of course, showed up in the stitches.
This photo is the back of the quilt  I mentioned yesterday.  This is the ivy leaf pattern.  I reversed the direction every other row and am pleased with the result.  Now I am anxous to get another quilt on the frame and try out those tracks.  But first, I have to do a little re organizing.
It is going to be hot again today and worse tomorrow.  I think we are going to go to the beach on Thursday and find a shady place to sit and read in between going for swims.

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