Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everything is Ready

The house is tidied and everything is ready for our company so I am having a cup of tea while I write this.  The weather has stayed nice so it will be a good drive for them as they come from the airport.
As I was setting the table, I thought a table cloth would  add a touch of colour.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any I liked.  Fortunately, I sew and happen to have a good bit of fabric.  I found a couple of coordinating lengths of mini check that just needed to be hemmed.  I couldn't remember how to thread my serger!  It took me a bit of fiddling before I finally got everything right.
The table looks festive and I've had a sewing refresher. I was surprised at how much I had forgotton.  I used to use the serger constantly for hemming, dressmaking and doing things for the house.  Lately, of course, I have been focusing on quilting.  I think I will buy some table cloth fabric the next time I shop and make a couple more while I still remember how to.
I bought some annuals when I went shopping earlier so I think I better get them in the garden while the bugs are held at bay by the breeze.

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