Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Are you a note maker?  I am always jotting phone numbers, e mail address, things I need to buy, appointments etc. on bits of paper.  I also note the name of a book or author I might want to read, CD's to buy and quilt ideas.  These pieces of paper can be found anywhere although usually on the kitchen table, in my purse, a coat pocket or beside the computer.  They are never, however, where they should be.
I have a doctor's appointment in June and it is one of the ones that get booked weeks in advance so, of course, you write it on a calender or day timer.  I have been trying to find where I wrote the date and time for the past week.  One would assume it would be on a calender but I looked all every one of them without success.
I could, however, tell you my brother's previous cell phone number or the address of somewhere that I was going although, as I didn't note the community, I don't know where it might be.
I do keep a small notebook beside the computer and that has been invaluable.  I am able to leaf back through the pages to find web addresses, forgotten passwords and so on.  The appointment isn't in it either.
I phoned the doctor's office this morning and got the information I needed.  It is now written on the calendar beside the computer.

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