Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trilliums and Motorcycles

It is quite warm today and the black flies are starting to bite-not much yet but just as a reminder that they are there.  We are starting to get a lot of flowers popping up here in the backwoods.  We went for a walk after supper and I was amazed at how many colours there were.  The trillium's with their deep purple heads were the most noticeable but, if you walked slowly, you could also see the tiny pastel dogwood, some  pink lady slippers and a bright yellow star shaped flower whose name I don't know.  I am going to have to get a book so I can identify all the wild flowers as well as the various trees.
There is a tree on my sister's property that looks as though it might be a crabapple so we will have to keep an eye on it.  I don't recall seeing any fruit on it last year but, as it is quite old and neglected, it might only have a few.
We sat down by the pond after the walk and listened to the tiny frogs peep and watched the water ripple from the slight breeze.  My dear husband has been working to clear away some of the brush and set up benches so we can enjoy the area.
Today, I got some more of the garden planted.  We are supposed to have rain tonight and tomorrow so that will be welcome.
Dear One went for a ride with a couple of friends yesterday and today the bike isn't working.  He tried to jump start it by rolling down our driveway but that didn't work.  Of course, we then had the problem of getting it back up the hill.  I always feel bad that I am not strong enough to be much use but I did have a good idea that enabled us to load the bike on a trailer and truck it back to the house.
After all that, I think I am going to stay in the house and quilt.  I need to get the wall hanging done before the end of the month and I really should be getting more patterns on the web page.
Welcome to our new member.  When you have some time, you might want to look through past posts and see the free blocks.  I also am running a contest on my web page.  The link is:  In addition, there is  a month long sale at Sisters Quilting Expo.  She carries my patterns and they are on sale this week.

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