Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Storms and Organization

We had quite a noisy storm early Monday morning.  Thunder was crashing away, lightening flashing  and rain hurling itself to the ground.  One of the loudest bangs sent our wee dog barking into the living room and then dashing back to hide under the covers.  I thought we would lose our hydro but, except for a blink, it stayed on.
The next morning, Roger got on the ATV to tour the property for fallen trees.  He took Heidi with him and I was hoping to have a picture of her  in the milk crate on the front of the machine.  She was standing with her front paws  on the edge of the crate as she helped navigate through the bush.  She looked really cute.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten to change the batteries in my camera so didn't get a photo.
The moderator of one of the quilt groups to which I belong mentioned that she had listed all her quilt books in Excel.  I thought that was a good idea so last night I did the same.  Now I have both the title and authors handy so I can check to see what I have before buying something else.  While doing this, I found a book I forgot I had on making star quilts.  I read it last night in bed and mentally marked a quilt I want to do.
I think I am going to do the same thing with all the patterns I have purchased.  I keep finding ones that, like the books, I didn't know I owned.  Another benefit of listing everything is being able to note the name of the person you lend something to.  I have my name on everything but that doesn't always ensure it will be returned.  I am assuming that other people have a quilt room like mine and things can get mislaid.
Tomorrow, friends of ours in Edmonton are coming for a visit.  I have bread rising and a stew in the slow cooker so all I have to do is a general tidying up and change the linen.
It will be nice to see them as they are close friends and we stayed with them when we were in Edmonton last year.
I hope everyone had a safe long weekend.

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