Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tops and Trilliums

I just finished making this top last night.  It is an order for a lady who is moving and likes flowers and pastel colours.  The colour reproductions isn't good-my camera batteries need replacing, but you can see the pattern.
I am going to shadow stitch the applique pieces, stipple around them and do a daisy chain in the borders.  The binding will be the same burgandy colours as the corners and applique center.
And, in the same theme of burgandy, these trilliums are all through the bush.  I like this group that are clustered around a boulder.  We went for a walk after supper and I took some photos of the various wildflowers and this is one of them
Today, I am going to quilt this top so I can give it to the owner this weekend.
I have also finished the top of another quilt.  This was my own pattern and hope to have it finished soon so I can get it on my web page.
If you are in need of any quilt books, Sister's Quilting Expo is having a sale on them this week (
We are supposed to have a rainy week although, so far, it has only been dreary.  No matter, I am inside warm and dry.

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  1. I didn't know there were red trilliums, all we have here are the white ones. I wait for them every year, they remind me of my mom's cousin. They came up every year to see the trilliums bloon. I miss them both!