Friday, May 27, 2011

Wall Hanging Idea

Velcro on fabric and one sewin in place

I recently had an order for a small wall hanging that was to be a gift for a lady.  As I wasn't able to talk to her to know her preferences, I didn't know if she would have a lot of wall space in her new home (she was downsizing).  I decided to put removeable hangers on the quilt so she could use it as a table topper if desired.
This is how I made them.
I would suggest that they be added to the backing before it is quilted.  I came up with the idea after everything was finished which will work but the hangers won't be as secure.
Decide on the size of your loops: mine were 4" finished which is big enough for the majority of rods.
I cut my loop fabric 2 1/2" x 8", seamed the long side and across one short end. Turn the loop right side out and fold in half. 

Side view of loop and loop with velcro tab.

Cut velcro into sections approximately 1" long.
Sew hook (rough) side to the bottom of the loop.  I sewed mine to the side with the raw edge after moving that edge slightly higher than the finished end. (This hides the raw edge)
Repeat for remaining loops.

Sew other half of velcro to one side of the backing making sure to leave 1/4-1/2" of space from edge of fabric for the binding.  Space velcro evenly acroos back edge. Quilt and add binding as usual.
If you prefer to add velcro after completing your project:  Cut pieces of fabric 1/2" longer and wider than the velcro.  Sew velcro to fabric.  Place on backing, turn fabric under and hand stitch in place.
If the hanging is for yourself, you could just pin the loops in place.



  1. Great technique Anna - thanks so much for sharing!!

    Lori S.

  2. That is an absolutely fantastic idea!