Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Domestic Bliss

Welcome to our new member.  When you have a few moments, go through the previous blogs and see if any of the free patterns are something you can use.
I spent this morning making chili sauce.  Such a lot of work but it is nice to have all those jars ready for the winter.  Tomorrow, I need to make more bread and will get started on turning all the berries that have been waiting in the freezer into jam.
I have already done pickled beets and relish so the cupboards are starting to fill up.
I almost completed the bird quilt top yesterday.  I hope to have it finished today and then will take a photo to share.  Will also do one of the top that one first prize at the fall fair.  Once the bird top is done, I will get it quilted.  The other quilt I am going to top stitch by hand.  I then can re enter it in the fair as a completed project. Of course, that plan is open to change.  I am not a very good hand quilter.
We are continuing to get rain and a lot of our leaves have fallen.  They are so lovely on the trees but they do make an equally lovely carpet.  If it ever dries up, I will take the dog for a walk through the bush and let her romp through the leaves. 
She seems to have fully recovered from her jaw injury although she is till getting the pain medication.  Bones are definately off her menu.

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