Friday, September 3, 2010

When It Rains and Earl

We had a gully washer this morning.  It rained so hard than our internet was out for a while, hydro flickered on and off and we have a mini pond in our back yard.  Even though it was still warm and I was baking, I had to shut the windows on the south side as everything was getting wet.
Something was wandering around outside last night causing the dog to go into a frenzy.  I suspect it was a bear because shortly after Heidi settled down, I heard two shot gun blasts and then the sounds of a backhoe.
This is a guess but it is possible that the bear was shot and buried by a neighbour.  As all this happened around midnight, so the sounds weren't normal.
My husband slept through everything so when I told him what had happened, he replied that you could tell we were in the country.
When we lived in Edmonton, there were certainly some areas where gun shots may be heard although it wasn't, thankfully common.  However, that sound was never followed by the starting of construction machinery.
I expect I will hear eventually who did what.  I don't like the idea of anyone shooting anything out of season but the bears really have been a nuisance this year.
This morning we have been listening to the news reports about the storm approaching the east coast.  People are preparing for a hurricane with some opting to stay put and others leaving for safer areas.  I often wonder if the name of the storm affects peoples reactions.  It is hard to get fussed about a storm named Earl.  If it had been Bruno or Iago or even Brunhilda, I would take it more seriously.  Just a random thought.

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  1. Anna, I love reading your posts. I grew up "in the country" but a lot closer to a city than you. Reading your posts about country living makes me all cozy inside. Thanks.