Thursday, September 30, 2010

Facebook and Lists

I have spent most of the morning uploading photos to my husband's Facebook acount.  I had to find a photo for his 'profile' picture and download pictures from the camera to upload into his album.  (Don't you just love the new techie language)  He is really enjoying Facebook and finds it easier to deal with than e mail.  I prefer e mail.  The only time I go to Facebook is when someone sends me a message and that is usually my husband's family. 
I do find that photos upload faster to this medium but that is the only positive for me.  Of course, I can now add the fact that Roger can communicate with his family and friends without my help.  Big plus.  I don't mind helping but that usually means stopping what I am doing and hovering over his shoulder until he is able to continue on his own.
I am trying to get my bits and pieces done today.  I made a list last night of people that I need to phone or write to (real pen and paper) as well as other jobs.  Downloading photos was on the list so I can mark that one off.  I find that a list is one way to ensure that I will do the things that keep sliding to the bottom of the priority list.
Yesterday, I made 18 jars of jam and 4 loaves of bread so today was supposed to be a day off. However, I have hung the laundry out, cleaned house and, as mentioned, worked on my list.  Tomorrow, I have to go to the city and shop so perhaps I can take Saturday as a free day.  One would suppose that when you are retired you have every day off but those who have reached this time of life know that it isn't true-especially for women.
I just have to put the final border on the paperpieced bird quilt and then I can get that project marked off my unwritten list.

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