Monday, September 6, 2010

Fair Day

Today is our annual fall fair and, although the weather is anything but fair like, it is well attended.  You had to travel a bit to find a parking space.  The steel band, fortunately, was under cover although the bouncing, rocking listeners weren't nor were the stalwart horses who were doing their best to pull ever increasing weights for 20 feet.
As usual, the craft and produce barn was full of both entries and people.  I won a first prize for my unfinished quilt top, a second for the wall hanging and another second for my whole wheat bread.  My photograph and pickled beets didn't get anything but I am pleased with my results.  I didn't think I would get anything this year.
We are off to Edmonton tomorrow so I won't be posting anything until I return on the 14th. I have to go back out again to pick up my entries and take our dog to the sitter.  I am all packed so it is just a matter of waiting until time passes.  We will be leaving home by 6 a.m. tomorrow as we have a 3 hour drive to the airport and there will be a lot of traffic with school starting.


  1. Have a great time. And congrats on your wins! I have yet to enter a fair, but you never know = they say "never say never!"
    I've posted some new bag pics on my blog, check it out - I'm starting to use my own label!

  2. Wow Anna! Congratulations on all your places! That is really exciting ... to win with an unfinished quilt top. It must be a beauty! Hope you're having a great vacation.