Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thunderstorms and Four Legged Children

I never know how to describe a thunderstorm.  All the usual adjectives-good, terrific, terrible-never quite seem accurate.  What I want to say is that there was a lot of thunder and lightening but I only want to use one descriptive word.  Oh, well, it will probably come to me later and then I will forget when we have another storm.
Whatever word used, last nights storm was a doosy.  It woke us all up.
Although, I don't usually like being awake through the night, I was glad of the opportunity to check on our dog.  She went off her feed in the afternoon and wouldn't eat anything not even her bacon treats which usually send her into tremours of excitement.  We were, of course, quite concerned.  Heidi, not eating, is like me not quilting.  She seems to be back to normal today but am keeping her on softer foods for the day.
One of the ladies in our local quilt group also had  scare yesterday.  She has two little pugs-her 'girls', and she got a call saying they had got out.  Like us, she lives in a rural area with the danger of larger animals.  She dashed off leaving us to take care of her stuff.  I was quite concerned as our Heidi had done the same thing once and I spent a frantic half hour or so searching for her.
The girls were found and, I am sure were hugged, scolded and given a nice treat so today our respective worlds are joyful.

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