Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grace Frame Modification

I have had a request for photos and explanation of how I modified my quilt frame.  For those of you who are not long arm quilter's, this posting may not be of interest to you.
As you can see in the first photo, there is a platform on the frame carriage (where the machine sits).  On this particular model it was designed to hold the foot pedal for those who did not have an independant control.
This platform prevented the thread holder on my Juki machine from being raised and, as I wasn't able to use it, my thread kept breaking, splitting and catching.
I removed the platform and replaced it with a dowel that had been cut to length and had holes drilled in either end.  Thank you dear husband for doing that. There was already holes in the frame so I just screwed the dowel into place.
I placed the dowell in a different location than the platform where it would still do the job of supporting the frame but be out of the way.
I have had no further problems with the thread.
Second photo shows the frame with machine installed and thread holder raised.  I hope this information will be useful to those with similiar carriages.

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  1. Anna -- You're a genius! I couldn't tell from the Yahoo picture what exactly was going on. Since my new Grace frame doesn't have that kind of carriage, I was stumped. Can't imagine not being able to use that threadholder and how difficult that would have made things. You are so clever ... still waiting for you to come to San Diego and help me with that batting sling ... while you're at it, I could use a shelf underneath my frame too!!! Have a great Sunday ... and a lovely vacation! Colleen