Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The Olympians are certainly putting in a great effort.  We can only get one coverage channel but it seems that every event has at least one heart stopping moment.
Of course, the games were a major topic of conversation at our quilt group yesterday as well as the usual discussions of fabric stores, poor instructions and various ways to make a block.
We are, as a group, finishing a quilt started by someone else.  The instructions are, to say the least, challenging.  The applique pattern shows the design as slanted which results in not material left for seams.  A reexamination of the quilt photo shows the same block with the pattern vertical!  A simple directional arrow in the applique would have made all the difference.
There is a lot of responsibility involved when writing instructions.  Imagine a learn to drive manual that omits or describes incorrectly the method for braking.
We do depend on the written word to mean what it says and ommissions can be as important as what is included
The snow is falling gently here in the backwoods. It is just enough to look pretty and soften the landscape but not enough to need removal.  I treasure these last few snowfalls as I know that they soon will give way to the mud and bugs of spring.  I do enjoy the sprouting buds and the flower shoots that push their way above ground but spring is not one of my favourite seasons.  However, as with everything else, we take what comes, don't we.

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