Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Hurt the trees

Before I share today's thoughts, I would like to take a moment to thank those of you who have taken the time to post a comment or reaction.  There are many blogs available to be read plus a miriad of other things to take our time so I really appreciate my readers.  Hearing your opinions helps me know your interests and that there really is someone out there.
We have started buying a Toronto newspaper a few times a week to get a wider view of what is going on in the country and the world.  It is so easy to feel that your own area is all that there is and this is especially true when you live in the country.  The limited media adds to the feeling of both isolation and insulation.
While reading through the Toronto paper yesterday, I saw an article that piqued my interest.  It was about tapping trees for syrup.  It seems that our large neighbours to the south consider this to be injurious (their word) to the trees.  Residents are warned that tapping trees is "not a venture to be taken lightly."  They are further urged to not undertake the practice without " extensive research and proper training."
This advice was for the trees on a residents property!
As I read this, I reminded myself that the environment in a large city does make trees more vulnerable to disease etc. but, for goodness sake, how much sap are we talking here.  Are people bleeding the poor trees dry?
One of the pleasure of our rural home is the making of our own syrup.  Before tapping our trees, my husband talked to the neighbours, a commercial operator and did some on line research.  Just common sense stuff to make sure the trees wouldn't be damaged and so he knew what he was doing.  I  am sure Toronto's Forest and Natural Environment manager (yes, there is such a person) wouldn't consider that extensive research or proper training.
It is wonderful that Toronto is caring for the natural environment but sometimes, to those of us who live in the country, it feels more like big brother saying that people are incompetant.

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