Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everyone is Enjoying the Olympics.

Here is our dog, Heidi, in her Olympic finery. 
I wonder if anyone in Canada is actually accomplishing anything while the games are on.  I know that some quilters are working on projects that can be done while watching television.  I am knitting a sweater which is almost done so not sure what I will do after that.
Today we are back to Huntsville for some much needed supplies.  I also have to take my computer back in to see why I haven't been able to access my book.
I got so discouraged over the possibility of losing everything that I didn't do any designing for a while.  I have got back at it and I did one yesterday that I am pleased with.  Once I get the printer set back up (still waiting for disk) I will be able to finish the pattern.
What are you doing while you watch the games?  You are watching them, aren't you?

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