Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And on Tuesday We Bake

I woke up early this morning and decided to get up even though it wasn't quite seven.  After getting the fire going, feeding the dog and myself, I sat down to watch last nights Olympic results.
Usually my husband is up first and takes care of all the aforementioned duties (with the exception of feeding me), so when the television reception didn't work, I thought it was something I had done-or hadn't done.  However, it seems that the dish needed the snow removed so dithered around for a while until Roger got up and ate and then I started baking.  I had a new recipe I wanted to try for zucchini bread  and then would do the regular loaves.
I have a wonderful book that was given to me when we married called Muffin Mania.  It contains muffin recipes that are nothing short of imaginative.  I have made some of the more unusual ones but usually stick to those that are a little more traditional.  However, when I make muffins, I don't put them in the pan designed for that purpose.  I refer small loaf tins.  I am then able to cut small slices rather than being committed to a whole muffin.  It is also a nice size for giving to someone.
I doubled this recipe and added grated carrot in place of the apple.  The six loaves are cooling on the rack and I am looking forward to cutting into one at lunch time.
My bread is rising in its bowl so I can now take a break. The quilt room is looking a bit lonesome so I think I will make a cup of tea and spend a few moments sewing the blocks that I made yesterday into rows.

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  1. What a great idea for a muffin recipe. Have you been able to rescue your book files. We often have snow on the dish too. My husband has made a special brush out of an old broom so that we can clean if off from one of our windows. Hope you are in the quilt room now. I am just headying there. Dianne in the country.