Friday, February 19, 2010

Pig Round-Up

The excitement never stops here in the backwoods and it often occurs on the road.
When you are driving in a rural area, you have to be watchful of deer, moose, fox and bear.  Sometimes you will even come across a domestic animal that has decided to expand its horizons.  Our neighbour met a steer on the road while going to work and it charged his truck.  Ted had to do some fancy 4 wheeled manouvering to avoid damage to his expensive grill.  The beasts owner didn't seem particularly bothered when he was told about the situtation.  Guess it wasn't the first time it happened.
Yesterday, on our return trip to Huntsville, we had a little adventure of our own.  We had just swerved to avoid a driver in the middle of the road on the brow of a hill and were voicing our opinion of his driving when we saw the reason for his actions.  On the other side of the hill was a very fat, black, potbellied pig wandering down the center of the road.  A small dog was trotting beside it and the two looked as though they were on a journey together.  We stopped our vehicle and my husband told the pig, who apparently was named Penny, to 'go home'.  Penny seemed to think that might be a good idea and turned back just as its owner arrived in a truck.  The little dog jumped into the front seat so Penny was doomed to walk home on her own.  The poor thing wasn't properly shod for  winter and its feet would periodicall slip which resulted in a face plant. We sat on the side of the road and watched the strange procession:  black pig leading large truck along a snowy road. Why do you never have a camera when those things happen?
Penny's owner told us that the pig is usually content to stay in its own yard but as spring approaches it gets wanderlust and starts to travel.  Sometimes, if it is angry at them for going away, it will go visit a neighbour.  I guess a pig has got to do what a pig has got to do.

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