Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I got an e mail yesterday from my sister and she mentioned that the flowers in her garden were blooming.  She then asked if ours were up.  I had to laugh when I looked outside at our three feet plus of snow and the sky filled with another few inches.
My family-or most of them-live in England and, although they do get winter, it is shorter and less 'winter-like' than ours.
My mother used to put a flower in my birthday card every year.  I always told her that she probably went out in the garden with her hair dryer and forced some of the delicate things to bloom!
Canadian's tend to pride themselves on their ability to survive a 'real' winter but even in this country there is a lot of variation.  Certainly, nothing we get in the Provinces equals the Territories. There is also a lot of difference in the Province's as well, especially in the larger ones.  Ontario can vary from almost Florida weather to the other extreme.  My previous home town, Edmonton, got severe winters but, I suspect that the people who lived farther north used to snicker at our reaction to a few days of minus forty.
Where ever you live in this country, we can celebrate its diversity and beauty and, no matter what the weather, we are still blessed.

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