Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Return of the Robin

Do you ever read all those little additions to your calendar?  They tell us about the moon phases (not sure why. Are there vampires or wolfmen/persons living amongst us?), and any special days.  Did you know that the 15th of this month was Canada's National Flag day as well as Heritage day?  Last Saturday, as well as being my friend's birthday, was when the robins begin their return to northern nesting grounds.
This week nothing special happens until Friday and then, if you are of the Islamic faith, it is the Prophet's birthday.
Of course, March the 14th is a biggie.  Not only is it the new start of daylight savings time but also when male grizzlies leave their den.  Do you suppose this is about the time that the female grizzlies have had enough of their snorting, snoring and letting off of noxious smells?
I am afraid that now I am retired (read not employed) my special days are the ones following a good nights sleep or the ones spent in my quilt room.  Special days are also those when my husband and I do things together even if it is just going for a walk, getting wood or laughing about something we both find humerous.  Those times won't be on anyone's calendar but they are, nevertheless, important.

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