Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have all but finished washing, folding and organizing my fabric.  It has been an interesting experience as I found/rediscovered material that I had forgotton that I had.  To prevent that from happening again, I have employed some different sized containers.  I believe I previously mentioned the soda cracker sized ones that hold my rolled fat quarters.  I also have a decorative tin for smaller landscrape and other themed fabrics as well as a round, plastic garbage can for bigger pieces.
I am using plastic bags for strips but want to get them in hinged lid containers.  Also need another thread spool tree.
While I was doing all this, I kept putting my knitting wool into a large garbage bag. This, of course, has led to realizing I need to get that organized as well.  I will probably get everything done in time to move the quilt room.  We are planning on adding a sun room to the side of the house and that may become my new studio.  My current room will be my husband's area, his current area will be a guest room and on it goes.
This probably won't happen until next year as we have the garage to put up first.  Moving is a long process isn't it.

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