Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympics

I am late getting this done today.  Our dog kept us awake with its barking most of the night so my energy level is low.  There was a coyote outside howling and, of course, all the neighbour dogs were joining in.  Heidi gets nervous when she smells the wildlife and barks and woofs and carrys on. She stops when she is held but you can't sleep that way either.
Later on in the morning, we went visiting a quilt friend.  I am helping her set up her long arm quilter.  When I left, she was ready to go which made me feel good.
The rest of the day....Olympic fever.  We watched the last of the torch run, the native Canadians, the tragic news of the death of the young Olympian and are now waiting for the opening ceremonies.
My husband and I motorcycled to B.C. quite often so seeing the mountains is a wonderful reminder of those trips.  A person cannot imagine the immensity of the Rockies without actually seeing them.  There were times on our travels that we would look back up at the road we had just desended and see transport trucks that appeared to be matchbox size.
If you live in Ontario or Alberta, enjoy your long weekend and, whereever you are, I hope you take time to watch the games.  Go Canada.

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