Saturday, June 30, 2018

Tumbling Triangles

I don't usually post on a Saturday but I want to get a photo of my newest quilt up before the end of the month.
Tumbling Triangles

This little wall hanging made from fabric donated by Island Batik is the June Island Batik Ambassador challenge.  I love making modern quilts and especially using black as the main colour.  I haven't got it quilted yet as you can see but hope to do so shortly now that my schedule is easing up.  I won't be adding borders.

We  had a bit of excitement when putting the chickens in tonight.  This was the first day we have let the banties out and they weren't in any kind of rush to go back in.  Hubby has just gone out again to see if they are ready.  He has been gone a while so I am guessing they are still preferring to be free.  I don't blame them but we don't want them to be  a larger critter's evening meal either.
We went to a motorcycle cancer fund raiser today in a nearby community.  Lovely seeing all the bikes and it reminded us of all the rallies, rides and fundraisers we have been on.  We saw the funniest t shirt which sums up quite nicely where a lot of us are at now.  It read:  Arthritis Riders, Ibuprophen chapter.
Happy Canada day,


  1. I can’t wait to see this design quilted - the name is perfect! I love this idea of tumbling shapes

  2. It's like Tetris...but with triangles! Nice, Anna!