Friday, March 23, 2018


I finally have some photos of my quilting to share with you.
 The first are a couple of the 365 blocks I just finished; the light coloured one was completed yesterday. These are 6.5 inch squares.

This little lap sized quilt is one of the ones I am making to give to a charity.  Very simple pattern but colourful and comfy.  I am just finishing another which was backed with fleece.  The top for that one was made at hearts2hands yahoo groups recent virtual retreat.  
Another top is partially started and I have fabric set aside for others.  I don't have to get these all done until the fall but knowing how schedules can rapidly change, I wanted to keep working on them now.  Besides, they are a good way to use up fabric that has been sitting around for ages.
Heidi and I went for an extra long walk today as the weather was so nice.  It isn't warm yet but the sun is nice and bright.  It is hard to come inside but I had been neglecting my sewing machine for far to long so in I went.

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