Friday, March 16, 2018

Fun with Pictures

I have been having fun playing around with photoshop today.  I put bison into an area field, removed the ire tube that my brother was using to float with his dog and just goofed around.  I am not proficient by any means but am learning.
I also did some quilting.  I loaded one of the charity quilts and started getting it quilted.  I am not doing anything fancy as this is a case of 'done' being better than fancy.  I need to get a few more finished so will perhaps try to ignore the computer tomorrow and do another.
It started out as a cool day but warmed up in the afternoon and the sunshine was really nice so I went for a walk with Heidi.  I haven't been able to get out for a while as I have either been busy or it was too icy.  I am hoping I can get back to routine now.
If you are Irish or want to be,  Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.  My father's family came from the Emerald Isle a few generations back so I have a bit of green in my blood.
This was one of the class projects.  The hiker was taken from o a mountain rock and put in this picture.

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