Thursday, March 22, 2018

No News Equals More Time

Hubby and I decided to forgo the morning news today and we were both able to get considerably more accomplished. I am usually not getting at the house stuff until nineish and I like to be in the office for ten so I have to hustle to just get the basic things finished.
This morning, I made a big kettle of Irish stew, cooked and peeled 2 dozen hard boiled eggs, did the dishes, brought in wood and the usual sweeping and bed making.  All this before 9.30.
We do like to know what is going on in the world but the 20 minutes or so of actual news gets stretched to 3 hours of fashion, cooking, exercise, entertainment, videos and kibitzing amongst the news anchors. We usually just watch the last hour or so but even then it is too long.
I did finish another 365 block and did some review work on my course.  I finished it a day and a half early so tomorrow I may be able to get in a good day of sewing.
It was warm enough today that we left the wood stove go out after the stew had cooked.  As the snow is melting and the frozen ground is turning to mud, I am looking forward to seeing my spring flowers.
I have a few plants started indoors and one of the geraniums has a bloom begining.  That will be cheerful.

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