Friday, May 12, 2017

Meeting the Neighbours

Happy Friday.  I got my Island Batik top finished today and now have to find suitable fabric to make the binding. 
It was such a lovely day, despite the blackflies that are starting to make their presence known, that I took Heidi for an extra long walk.  We have had quite a few new neighbours move in this year and I haven't met them all yet so the warmer weather is a good time to see if any are outside.  One of the couples waved as we went past so I backed up and introduced myself.  We chatted for a bit then we continued on.  Heidi and I completed our walk making sure that if any other dogs took the same route they would know she had been there. 
After supper as we were doing our devotions, our four legged alarm system went into a frenzy.  Hubby thought something might be at the chickens and went outside to check.  He discovered a loose dog that we didn't recognize.  It was quite friendly and, as it had neither collar nor leash I got some for it and we started walking along the road to see if anyone was looking for a dog.  Another of the new neighbours on the other side of us came along and claimed him.  So, we met two neighbours and one dog today. 
I also got some lettuce planted and tomorrow will be seeing if the garden centre has rhubarb plants in yet.  We are moving ours to a new area to see if it will grow better.
Happy Mother's day to those with children of their own as well as those who help mother other peoples little ones.
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