Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another Use for Clips

All the rain has certainly made everything nice and green.  This planter is on a hill opposite my quilt room window.  I will add some more flowers along here once the daffodils die down.  I really like the look of the  rail fence and rustic bird house.  I should plant something  along the fence that climbs like sweet peas or morning glories.

I have been sewing together the rows of strips for my quilt top.  I only have two more to go.  I found that using these tiny binder clips work better than pins as they hold all four sections of the seams.  They are also easy to remove and don't pick as do a needle.  I bought these at a dollar store.  They are slightly more than a half inch in width.  Great for using when hand sewing on binding as well.

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