Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dodo Feathers

Have you ever asked a perfectly reasonable question and got a look that clearly says that someone thinks you might have slipped over the edge?  I was in a fabric store today and found a solid that I thought would be right for my project but wasn't completely sure.  I took it over to the cutting table and asked the staff person if she thought it looked like dinosaur skin.  She gave me that 'look' and said, 'I am afraid I wouldn't know'. 
I wasn't asking her if she had personal knowledge of dinosaurs but did think she might have had an idea.  She did work in a fabric store and I am sure I wasn't the first person to make a quilt with an extinct animal on it.  Or maybe I am.  No matter.  I bought the fabric and my husband thought it was perfect and he isn't even a quilter.
I had been mentally tossing around ideas for a quilt for a young boy and a centre block with a dinosaur seemed to be the answer.  I looked through my stash of fabrics and didn't find anything that looked just right.  I have a ton of coordinating fabric though so now I have the main one, I can get started.
Perhaps, just for fun, the next time I am in that store, I will ask if they have anything that looks like woolly mammoth fur  or feathers from a dodo!

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha..... I love how Roger was able to associate it with a traditional scheme or colour for dinosaurs! I really do think you should press this fabric employee to answer your question related to the dodo!!! Ha ha ha