Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fulfilling a Dream

We had one of those inexplicable power outages this afternoon.  The weather is lovely, a bit  breezy, sunny and warm.  It has been so nice, in fact, that I was able to take Heidi dog for a walk this morning.  The breeze kept the bugs to a minimum and it wasn't too hot so we were able to keep up a good pace going up the road to the lake and then back.  First time we have been able to get out in ages.  When we went down the drive, I saw a tiny turtle on one of the logs in the wetlands.  We  have had quite a few little ones this year so I guess all the water is helping some of the creatures.  These are painted turtles so am glad to see that they are thriving.
It certainly wasn't the kind of day where you expect to lose your hydro right in the middle of getting some quilting done.  It was only off for about 3 hours but long enough to disrupt the day.  Not sure the cause unless someone ran into something or there was work going on on one of the lines.
I had a nice call earlier in the day from a lady who wanted me to made a quilt for her.  It is very gratifying to be asked to fulfil someone's dream.  She wants to have this done by the end of June and it is a type that I haven't made before so I am getting a friend to help me.  I will be learning something new and making a few dollars as well.
Our blackflies seem to be settling down a bit.  If we get a few more days of good warm weather that should get rid of them.  We will still have the mosquitoes but I don't find them as bothersome.  I don't like them but at least you can see them and take action.

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