Friday, May 5, 2017

Contest-Day 4 and Markers.

It is still raining although it is more a steady drizzle here.  Had to go into the village for some blood work and then, once I was back home, I have spent the day quilting. 
I am working on a quilt top that consists of 3 inch strips made up of 3 inch squares.  Each strip is slightly different that the previous so it is necessary to keep track of which one goes where.  I am not a big fan of little strips of numbered paper to keep things organized.  I tend to lose the paper  or the pins get in the way when I quilt.  I have a method which works well and doesn't have any down side.  I use washable Crayola markers.  A lady in our quilt group tried each colour on a number of fabrics and all washed out without any problem so I bought a box.  I have successfully used them to mark fabric when doing the back basting method of applique and to number fabric pieces.  I really like them and they are much cheaper than markers made specifically for quilting. And they really do easily wash out.
Have you entered my contest yet?  For full details check Day 3 blog. Contest ends on May 9th.

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