Thursday, May 11, 2017

Free Pattern.

Today was another of my attempts to get the studio back in order.  I had mislaid something which wasn't surprising give that the remnants of the last few projects were piled onto the  cutting and ironing table and just pushed to one side.  My preferred method of cleaning is to dump everything onto the floor and then start putting things in organized piles back onto the cutting table.  Leftover and current fabrics from an ongoing project are put with the project etc.
I have got some things done but there is still quite a heap on the floor.  I also got another quilt loaded onto the frame and ready to finish. I will get the tension done tomorrow.  The quilting itself shouldn't take long.
If you didn't win one of the main prizes in my recent contest, I have news for you.  If you go to my Craftsy page, ( you can chose any pattern that you like and I will send it to you at no cost.  This is a thank  you for reading my blog and entering the contest.  I can't afford to give everyone the main prize as much as I would like to so I hope this little something will let you know that you are appreciated.  Put the name of your pattern in the comment and then I will contact you for your email. Remember this is only for those who entered my last contest.


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    1. One of my favourite's Judy. Would you send me your addy to:

  2. I just sent my address. I have been looking at scrappy patterns to help us use up scraps from the quilts we make for our local Hospice. Thank you.