Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hummers are Back

Both winners have been in touch and I will be sending their beautiful Island Batik prizes out in the mail to them on Friday.  It is such fun to be able to share these lovely fabrics.
We have had a return to seasonable temperatures today as well as the sunshine.  I had a meeting in the morning but,  when I returned home, I sat outside to eat my lunch and then hubby, Heidi and I went for a walk.  A lot of little flowers are popping up amongst the trees and adding some delicate colour to the forest floor.
Later in the afternoon, hubby announced that our first hummingbird arrived so I hustled around and filled one of the feeders for it.  It was probably a male looking for nesting sites.  We do have at least one family here every year and I am assuming it is the same one(s) each time.
Congratulations again to Jenny and QuiltE.  I will be taking a photo of their prizes after they have received them.  Don't want to spoil their surprise.

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